Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Andy Koontz's "Ekimmu THE DEAD LUST"....

Busy - busy - busy!!!  So busy...but good. 

The hubs is hard at work on finalizing his first feature film.  It was produced and financed on pure passion.  He battled and survived brain cancer...and now he will finish this film!

We've been actively promoting the film and are beyond excited to get it "out there"! :)

The trailer is a little scary - so you've been warned. :)  A fun movie to watch in bed with the sheets pulled close...snuggling your blanket and/or significant other. 

We are also so excited to be celebrating Andy's brain cancer remission this June which will coincide with the local (Portland, OR) premiere!!  Tickets for this event go on sale May 1st! It will be so much fun!!  

Gonna be SO fun!!!
Hope everyone is doing well.

Until next time,

Love, Life, & Ice Cream


  1. How did I miss that your hubby does film making?! That is amazing! I cannot wait to watch this preview (will watch it at home when i'm not surrounded by co-workers on their lunch breaks!) I can see why your blog posts have been spotty! You've been BUSY!!! all the best my love!

    1. Quite busy - but loving every minute of it! :) Thanks for your support! Hope you like the trailer. xo

  2. that's excellent, hope this gets off the ground pronto!

  3. What a journey you have been on - I learned some new stuff in this post :). Hope the film is super successful!!

  4. Creepy McCreepersons!!!!!!! I want to see it!!!!!!

  5. Love this! Great post dear!


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